Quilt Market/Festival: Classes - Part 2

Liz and Ruth were scheduled to teach a few Take n' Teach classes before Market started on Sunday and Monday mornings and so we all piled in the truck and left at o-dark-thirty to live the dream!

A couple of Liz' samples for the Sunday morning class.
Sunday morning's class was making embroidery pins with wool from Valdani.
I had the privilege of being minion (aka tagalong) and photographer for the class.

Ruth and Liz have written several books on hand stitching and run The Thread Lab in Colorado.

Ruth showing a student how to make a French knot.

Ruth explaining a stitch to Libby Williamson
Ruth Chandler's sample book from her Modern Hand Stitching book.

Just a few of the beautiful pieces made by students in class.

Monday morning's class was all about printing on Roc-lon Ava-lon, Osnaburg, Canvas and Multipurpose cloth fabric using mono-printing on gel plates with wooden printing blocks, stencils and other paraphernalia.

They used some great new fabric paints from Artistic Artifacts.  I bought the complete set to bring home after using them in class.  They have a nice long open time, meaning they won't dry too quickly on the gel plate, and they have a soft hand on the fabric!  Two ideal attributes for fabric paint in my book!  

Here is a brief video of Judy demonstrating how to print with the wooden blocks, shot by Christine.

I also had the opportunity to demonstrate some printing with stencils and such.  I'm not sure what I'm thinking in this photo but the expression on my face is priceless!

Once you start mono-printing you never look at trash the same way again!

As I like to say - any day with paint on your hands is a good day!


Lynda said…
What a fun time! Thanks for taking us along with you.

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