Hanging with Mom

 Wherever Mom is, I must follow.

 She can't work without me.
 Whether it is working on the computer. . .

 . . .or working in the studio. . .
 . . .she has to have me with her.
On the plus side, her studio is quite comfortable.
 There is always something soft to lay on.

 Mmm. . .what?
Is it time to go outside?
 Sssweeeet! I am SO there!
Mom wants to know if you have a studio buddy.


Sylvia said…
Yup, that would be Peaty!
Martha Ginn said…
What a marvelous studio buddy you have! I loved the pictures and his thoughts/words. Seems perfectly natural (since the book I am currently reading has several animals who comment to each other and wonder why the humans don't reply).
Helen said…
Umm, mine are called dust bunnies...

I'm trying to get time to purge all the extra stuff in there. Kids birthday invites, school work, drawings, - I've saved it all and need to whittle it down to a manageable size!
ShabbyChicShaz said…
Loving your studio assistant, adorable. I have 5 assistants myself and they are always 'helping out' :) Here's my most recent post about them

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