I went to the fabric store and purchased some scarf fabric.  I wanted to paint the scarves so I didn't pay attention to fiber content.  Well, like any good woman, I have now changed my mind and I don't remember what kind of fabric they are.  Normally at this point I would dump the fabric in a dye bath and soda ash and hope for the best.  But thanks to some recent knowledge, I know better.  I cut the selvedges off the two fabrics, added some dye and soda ash and ended with this:

Obviously one of the fabrics won't work with my MX fiber reactive dyes.
It's a good thing I didn't waste a lot of dye on it!
The other fabric is going to dye beautifully!
I'm looking forward to trying some new dye techniques on the fabric.

One of these methods I just learned in
Jane Dunnewold's "The Art of Cloth Dyeing" 
class on Craftsy.
   Online Quilting Class 
I bought the class and started watching it a few months ago and then got busy.  I finally made some time and finished it up today.  I've been dyeing fabrics for years but I still learned so much from Jane's class.  I love that I can ask Jane questions and have her answer them.  I can also see what others have asked and see their answers.  Craftsy classes are a great platform.  I really hope Jane will do more Craftsy classes.  I know there is so much more I need to learn from her.  I'll be posting my dyed scarves  later in the week when they are out of the dye bath.


Sylvia said…
I can't wait to see how the scarves turn out! I will have to think about signing up for that class, it sounds like a good one!
Jeannie said…
Wow! That one fabric loves the dye! Thanks for the review on Craftsy. I've never taken a class from them, but wondered how they were.

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