Celtic Knot Stamp

Lyric Kinard made a video recently showing how to draw Celtic Knots.  They are beautiful and I have become a little obsessed with trying to create my own. After much erasing I creating my first knot.

And because it is Carve December I decided I wanted to carve this knot into a stamp, but when I drew the knot onto the printing block I decided that part of what I like about my drawing was the partially erased bits in the background.  After much thought I figured out what background I would add and went to carving - very slowly and carefully!

The stamp looked nice but how would it print?

Oh my gosh!  
I am in love.
Did I really make that?!


MegsAnn said…
Great post! I included it in my reading list here: http://quiltartbymegan.com/2015/12/16/day-16-what-im-reading/

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